How An Emergency Dentist Can Save Your Teeth

In many situations, teeth can break out anytime especially when you are engaged in an injury or accident. It is the job of an emergency dentist to put those teeth back into place. An emergency dentist Haymarket VA will do everything in order to recover the current state of your teeth. In most cases, the dentist will put back the missing tooth by repairing the socket that it came from. This procedure will be aided by an orthodontic wire until the tooth will be able to recover again. By doing this, the blood vessels in that particular area will be able to attach itself to the roots and it will be on its way to recovery.

For cases that the teeth is chipped, there are many devices that will do the job. It would be aided by a proper enamel shaper in order for it to have the correct enamel shape. In worst or severe cases, an artificial crown can be used. If ever the nerve endings are damaged, then a possible root canal procedure should be done.

It is also possible that a crown or an implant can be damaged. In these cases, it is very important to install a new crown. It would also be possible to remold or fill the tooth so that somehow it would return to its original form. In this condition, the services of an emergency dentist are very much needed. An emergency dentist can also handle emergency extractions. It is most common for impacted tooth which is normally caused by a wisdom teeth. Patients will be able to experience severe pain during these situations that are why an emergency extraction is needed in order to relieve the patient of the pain that he/she is feeling.

It is also considered an emergency situation if you have abscesses in your teeth. Because of the buildup of bacteria and other harmful materials in your teeth, pus can accumulate. In this situation, it is best if the pus is removed properly so that the spread of bacteria will be prevented that will cause further damage to the teeth. Not all abscesses will heal by themselves that is why the services of an emergency dentist Haymarket are needed.

An emergency dentist can also perform root canal procedures. This is a surgical procedure that is done due to the infection that has developed in the area of the root canal of your tooth. If not prevented, the infection will possibly spread to your jaw. These are the situations wherein an emergency dentist is needed for you have that radiating smile all over again.